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Embark On Your Wealth Building Expedition

Building wealth doesn’t require risking it all or putting your hard-earned savings in jeopardy.

At Expedition Equity, we invite you on a journey to wealth through secure, high-yield real estate investments in thriving U.S. markets.

Every commercial real estate investment we offer is meticulously examined, personally curated to align seamlessly with your unique financial aspirations and investment objectives.

Meet Your Guide

Dylan here, Founder of Expedition Equity. 

I’m a practicing Optometrist with a passion for both creating a positive impact and sustainable wealth building. Since I started my own practice and expanded it to multiple locations, I found myself yearning for a change. Along the way, I steadily invested in real estate and was seeing the potential for replacing my income and creating generational wealth simultaneously.

I knew I needed to transition away from the demanding life of owning a medical practice to spend more quality time with my family and explore my deep-seated passion for helping others build wealth.

In my family, entrepreneurship runs deep. My kids, too, share this spirit, and I find immense joy in supporting their budding business ventures.

My venture into real estate began with a bold step – converting our first home into a rental property. This ignited my curiosity for real estate, and soon I was navigating the complexities of 1031 exchanges.

But my real estate journey didn’t stop there. I ventured into commercial real estate, keeping my initial commercial property as a rental while scaling up my practice. The desire for diversified wealth strategies led me to explore short-term rentals and eventually delve into real estate syndications.

The freedom I’ve experienced through my investments has changed my life. And I can’t wait to help you experience the same.

Our Team

Clay Schlinke


Clay Schlinke


Clay Schlinke


Clay Schlinke



If you’re ready to take charge of your financial future and create a richer and more fulfilling life for yourself and your family, begin today.

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